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100xCapital is searching for Investors or Partners as 100xCapital is starting a Venture Capital Company in Mauritius to invest in Companies in Africa and India.

100xCapital is raising $10 Million Dollars to invest 1% or $50,000-$100,000 in Start-up and Seed stage Companies in all Industries.

100xCapital is incorporating the Company offshore in Mauritius.

Over the years both in Canada and the USA, I have helped Companies raise money using Venture Capital, Private Equity, Angel Investors, and other forms of Capital.

100xCapital has met multiple Companies looking for Equity and Start-Up Capital.

The problem facing the VC market is the lack of VC money for the start-up and seed stage Companies who need Angel money BUT VC experience and connections.

100xCapital has Advisors, both domestic and international, Board of Director people, both independent and Principal level, allow my VC Company to have a unique competitive advantage to enter early in deals, have a partial exit on the next round of funding, and create value and investment returns over the long-term.

The goal of the VC is to invest in 1% of the Fund in 10-20 deals per year, speed up the due diligence process, and create returns for limited investors starting in the first 12-18 months, with the ultimate goal of 10-100 times ROI's.

100xCapital is in the raising the VC fund stage. We are open to a co general partner or 1-3 limited investors, which can be international.




My team is myself, Jeff M, as of now along with potential advisers worldwide.

One potential executive is a CPA from Atlanta who has owned a Venture Capital Company for 10 years and has international CFO experience.

Jeff has owned and managed 2 Companies from 2004-2008.

I have worked at 3 Fortune 1000 Companies, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch, Countrywide, and TD Bank.

Jeff has an International MBA, Completion of the CMA Coursework, and a Microsoft, IT, MCP Certification.

Jeff has 10 years of Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Operations Management Consulting, Internal Audit & Controls, Management, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, Business Process improvements, Budgeting, Forecasting, Compliance, Financial Statements, IT, P & L, Operations, and Policies and Procedures experience for multiple small, medium, and large Million and Billion Dollar Public and Private Companies both in the USA and Canada.

A Board of Advisors consisting of Executives in Africa, India, USA, Asia, and Europe would include Angel investors and successful Entrepreneurs willing to advise, mentor, and coach the start-up Entrepreneurs.

Potential Executives of the Africa/India VC may include a CPA CFO in the USA who has owned part of a VC for 10 years, an Executive from the USA who has made investments in Africa for over 10 years, a VC in Asia, Angel Investors in Africa, Entrepreneurs in Africa, VC’s in Africa, and people with University connections.


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